Estetika Eco Design Dalam Karya Busana Wanita Angel of Rubbish


  • Vita Wulansari IDB Bali



fashion, eco design, zerowaste, aesthetics


Ecodesign is a product design approach with special consideration on environmental influences during the entire decomposite process or circle of life. Through ecodesign, it is hoped that it can provide awareness, voice concern and urge the community to protect the environment and create a healthy living environment and increase creativity through the use of used material media. The utilization will be visualized into the form of women's clothing. Women's fashion created in the form of haute couture clothing based on wearable art. In the work created, the author tells about the natural conditions that are currently beautiful and will continue in the future through the depiction of women's clothing that resembles angels with waste as the basic material. The waste includes, glass and plastic bottle caps, used disks, food wrap, sponges as supporting materials. From the medium wants to display an aesthetic impression on the work by taking into account the composition of the placement of the medium, which is randomly generated so as to give rise to a dynamic impression, as it is known, aesthetics is the study of beauty, both in works of art and in natural beauty in general. On the basis of Plato's influence, some philosophers viewed beauty as an intrinsic quality contained in objects. By using aesthetic theory as the basis for creation, a work entitled “Angel Of Rubbish”.


Keywords: Fashion, Eco design, Waste, Aesthetics




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Wulansari, V. (2023). Estetika Eco Design Dalam Karya Busana Wanita Angel of Rubbish. Jurnal Da Moda, 4(2), 65–72.